7 Tips to Achieve Success in Life

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Odds are you want to be successful. The question really should be, “How do I get there, from here?” As we learn from human history, success takes effort. Here are 7 tips for getting to success.

1) Set your goals. Without a well thought out plan, you can expend great effort, and go nowhere of value. Sure, life will sometimes bring detours, but you will see the detours clearly, if you have established clear places you want to be.
2) Create a vision of what life looks like. The human mind is a complex ‘computer’, which has some funny ways. By having a visual image, the brain better ‘knows where it wants to go’.
3) Have an upbeat attitude. This benefits you in a multitude of ways. It becomes ‘the spark’ for energy when you are reaching for your goals. Further, people like being around other people that are a source of a positive attitude.
4) Take a chance. There are no promises that giving something a shot has a 100% chance of working. We can assure you though, not risking for fear of falling short means you have a 100% chance of not achieving success.
5) Socialize upwards. By being with, and learning from successful people, you will learn the methods of being successful yourself.
6) Learn from your less-stellar results. There are many sayings to impart this wisdom. One of our favorites is an old Chinese saying which goes, “Fall down 999 times. Get up 1000. There is a trick to this however. When you ‘get up again’, be sure to look back and learn from what didn’t work. As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
7) Have an Attitude of Gratitude. Recently we read a very moving story in the San Jose Mercury News that really drove this point. A series of setbacks for a lady with a Willow Glen gift shop, along with a not so rosy 2009 put her in a position of writing to her customers saying she had to fold the shop. The single woman thanked her customers for the 8 years they had together. That’s one heck of an attitude of gratitude when things looked so bleak. However, because this lady expressed her gratitude, her customers responded generously and donated beautiful items for her to sell in her shop.

As the lady told the Merc News: “My whole life has changed because of this experience,” she says. “Everything is a blessing is how I look at things now.”

You can begin a more successful life, now, by taking to heart these 7 steps.

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