7 Tips for Better Sleep

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7 Tips for Better Sleep

You just started the day and you are already feeling extremely tired and irritable. The lack of sleep has affected you and it shows not only physically but mentally as well. Everyone needs a good amount of sleep. 7.5 – 8 hours the most. Sleep plays an important role in maintaining our health in tip-top shape. During deep sleep, your body repairs muscles and tissues and boosts your immune system. Without this, we are more likely to have frequent colds and infections. Your skin also begins to lose its youthful glow. That is why many people who suffer from acne are advised to get enough sleep so our body can heal the infection from the acne. Inability to cope with stress, fatigue, weight gain and lack of motivation are also signs of sleep deprivation. Just a couple of good reasons to start getting a couple of more Zs at night. There are many things we can do to get a better nights sleep and they are the following:

* Avoid Alcohol or Caffeine. Although alcohol can get you drowsy faster, it can also reduce your quality of sleep as well. This will cause you to wake up later in the night. Believe it or not caffeine can cause sleep problems ten to twelve hours after drinking it so stay away from the caffeine before the sun starts to set.

* Develop a Routine. Try to get at least 7.5 – 8 hours of sleep. Try to get in bed 15 minutes before the hour that you intend to fall asleep. It may be difficult at first but your body will adjust to the routine and you will be sleeping like a baby in no time.

* Get Rid of the Television and Grab a Book. Television is a major distraction. Reading has many relaxing properties on the mind and the body which in turn can prove to induce sleep.

* Proper Bedding. You can’t expect to get comfortable during sleep if your bedding isn’t. Choose bedding that is made of 100% cotton and with thread counts of over 180. Cotton is very comfortable and breathable. Bedding with high thread counts are soft and durable.

* Avoid Stress. This can be very hard to avoid if you have recently gotten over a bad breakup or death in the family. Writing down your feelings is a great way to cope with stress. Have a journal and write down your feelings on the journal before going to bed. This will help relieve anything you have bottled up inside and will help get you relax.

* Don’t Drink Any Fluids Within 2 Hours of Going to Bed. This will reduce the likelihood of getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or at least help minimize the frequency.

* Get Rid of Clutter. Clutter is very distracting and causes a great deal of stress and anxiety. You can’t catch any Zs with piles of clothes and toys spread across the bed. Get rid of the clutter for good or at least put it away in the closet or storage box.

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Linda enjoys writing and giving advice on many subjects.

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