7 Steps to Networking Success

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If you have been reading even a few of our entries, you will see the common elements of our thoughts. At the end of the day, business relationships are built on trust. Trust only comes from experience. When networking for business one is only successful if they follow the ‘ground rules’. This is our checklist of 7 Steps.

1. Think about the other guy. He has a story to tell, and trust us, he wants to. Let him or her go first. Letting them go first, because of the way the human mind is built, you will make a great first impression. Remember that first impressions are lasting ones.

2. After you have met someone, send a Thank You. Whenever possible, send a physical Thank You card, hand signed. In this electronic world, you really stand out. Hopefully, you can see how this ties to step number one.

3. Wait. Don’t attempt to push the relationship too fast.

4. Be regular. No – not that kind of regular! ;) We mean use a calendar (we like Google’s because it is free and cloud-based, but you pick what works best for you) to make notes of things they unfold during conversations – like their birthday. Nobody expects that you stayed up day and night all year thinking about the event. Just the act of setting a calendar alarm to send a ‘thinking of you’ will go far.

5. Be sincere. Before you have contact with someone, show interest. For example: Before you send an email to Mr. X, check the weather in His City. Ask them what they think of the Notice that you yourself are offering no opinion. Simply giving Mr. X a chance to express his.

6. Follow them in Social Media. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, yada-yada. It really helps to use a free utility for this as well.

7. Do What You Say You Will Do. If you promise to do a follow-up (for example, you said you would forward some free PDF), well it’s simple. Do IT. :) It is amazing the amount of times people say they will do some small task to look good at the moment, and never follow up. By Actually Doing That, you will gain an amazing reputation in your network (both business and personal) about what a remarkable person you are.

And you are, because based on the raw numbers that humans deal with, very few people actually do these things. :) Now you know the ‘easy’ way.

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