6 Tips to Get More Out of Your Day

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While ‘life’ may not seem fair, we don’t see where it came with that warranty. The only solace we can offer is, you are the only one in control of your judgments, thoughts, and actions; and we all get 24 hours in the day. Given we’re sure you got that; we bring you 6 tips to make the most of it.

1) Have an attitude of gratitude. Life brings ‘events’ into our lives every day. It is up to us how we view these events. Chances are, your attitude is the only thing that is limiting your view and your results. For example: let’s say you’re walking down the street. And in one step, you fall into a hole that wasn’t there moments ago. You land, hip deep in a cesspool. While we would agree that it is not a great place to be… And sure, it probably smells really bad. There is a ton of really good news here. Your breathing and conscious, or you wouldn’t be able to be thinking about what just happened. It’s all relative. Sure, it isn’t great being hip deep in poo, but at least you didn’t land it a cesspool that covered you up to the top of your ears!

2) Smile. This is an old piece of advice, and it is worth repeating. Even if you are not in the greatest of moods, other people will smile back at you. The positive reaction from others will give you the feedback to get more out of your day.

3) Look for something positive to say to others. The trick here is to be sincere even if it’s challenging. Let’s say you cross paths with someone you dislike and you notice you like their shoes. Simply say, “Hey I wanted you to know I think your taste in shoes is really terrific.” This is often a huge missed chance for most people as they let their pride take over. I submit you’ll grow the most when you are positive with those who are the hardest for you to like.

4) Read Good Books. For some, it may be The Good Book, and for others it may be books like Think and Grow Rich, or The Greatest Salesman in the World. If you’re the scientific type, try Stumbling on Happiness. It explains why the other books we suggest, work. Reading good books will help you learn how to stay positive and get the most out of your day.

5) Control the TV/Radio/Internet. Count us first for positive points on being informed. That is why we say, control. If you look at ‘news’ much of it is negative. It is negative because it gets attention. It gets attention because people have a tendency to be unhappy, and seeing the comparison of someone worse off (in the news) gives them a feeling of “my life isn’t that bad”. Even with these limitations, negative thoughts are still part of the day. Limit your exposure to ‘down’ thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts.

6) Socialize with ‘upbeat’ people. Again, the trick here is you must get a handle on your own negative thoughts or you will not be welcomed by ‘upbeat’ , forward thinkers. Remember garbage in = garbage out.

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