6 Food That Blows Up Your Diet

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6 Food That Blows Up Your Diet

One of the main factors for the success of any diet is the change in eating habits, either eating more fruits and vegetables or prioritizing the most nutritious foods, or making healthier food choices.

Other equally important factors are related to reduced consumption of sugars and fats. Made it is possible to verify significant results in the aspect of esthetics.

Some people, even adopting these habits differentiated, have difficulty losing weight after a certain period. A major cause is the lack of knowledge about the relationship between quantity and calorific value. So people end up eating certain foods by believing they are healthy, light and suitable for the diet.

Below are some of the foods you need caution in the time of consumption.

1. Granola

This mix of cereals, dried fruits and nuts contains fiber and vitamins that provide satiety and energy, but also contains sugar. Invest in diet and light version of the mixture. The recommended is 25 grams per day. Prefer to eat granola for breakfast to be more energetic and still have a whole day to spend the calories consumed.

2. Flavored water

Drink water to hydrate your body is essential to our survival and for the diet. The water nourishes the cells, detoxifies the body, makes the kidneys and intestines work better. The ideal is to drink at least 2 liters of liquids per day. It is thought that many people end up abusing the waters of flavor. It contains additives, sweeteners and sometimes even sugar. It should not be consumed in large quantities, up to two cups per day.

3. Salads

The salad is usually a light and refreshing option, however those seasoned with sauces, cheeses, olives and croutons should be avoided because they usually carry a lot of calories, sugar and saturated fat. A healthier option is a plate of salad greens, tomato, cucumber and hearts of palm, spiced with a sauce of yogurt, extra virgin olive oil and lemon, accompanied by a lighter protein such as chicken breast or grilled fish.

4. Acai

This fruit is popular with sports athletes. Despite being rich in nutrients (especially calcium, iron, vitamin B1), the main problem of acai is the amount of food calories are 248 calories in 100 grams. Complements in consumption also tend to become even more caloric. The ideal is to consume acai pure, and if you replace the mid-morning snack or afternoon for it, eat a small bowls of 50 grams.

5. Light or diet soda

These drinks have no calories, but another element of the refrigerant causes concern to the experts: the sweetener. The greater the consumption of sweeteners, the greater is the desire for sweets. Studies suggest the effect of the sweetener in the taste buds causing them to become more receptive to sweetness.

6. Cereal bars

The cereal bars are good choices for snacks intermediaries, but they contain on average 100 calories and should not be eaten at will. The ones with chocolate icing are often the most calories.

Moreover, the practice of physical activity properly structured is essential to conquer the body of your dreams and your health. Seek the guidance of a nutritionist, and a competent physical trainer to guide you toward success.

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