4 Effective Ways to Improve Self Esteem

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4 Effective Ways to Improve Self Esteem

There are numerous ways to improve self esteem and since our level of self esteem affects our happiness, our self-confidence, the decisions we make, and the paths we pursue, we should always be looking for ways to improve it. Whether we are beginning from the ground up, looking for a complete overhaul, or simply a little maintenance, these 4 strategies will contribute greatly to building healthy self esteem.

1. Learn to love and accept yourself.

Our self esteem suffers because we believe we are unable to live up to the expectations others have set for us. We fall victim to the comparison trap and judge ourselves based on how we believe others see us, drawing our worth and value from those around us.

The first step to improving our self esteem is to accept ourselves for who we are, individuals who cannot be compared to others because our uniqueness makes us incomparable. This does not mean that we do not recognize things within ourselves that need to be changed, but it is vital that we embrace those things that cannot be changed and learn to love ourselves for who we were meant to be, not who we think others expect us to be.

It is important that we allow ourselves to make mistakes, forgive ourselves when we fall short, and make every stumble a learning experience rather than a confirmation of inadequacy. We need to throw our perfectionist judgmental attitude out the window, and realize that if we don’t love and accept ourselves, neither will those around us. To build our self esteem, we need to begin living like we are worth loving.

2. Reprogram your mind/thoughts.

Self esteem is determined by how we see ourselves, and this perception is formed at a very early age. Life’s experiences and circumstances ingrain negative thoughts in our mind. Whether true or not, we continue to carry these unfavorable ideas of ourselves that destroy our self esteem and impact our relationships with others.

We need to become aware of our thoughts and determine whether they undermine or build our self esteem. Then consciously choose thoughts that support self-confidence and acceptance. Low self esteem often causes us to expect or imagine the worst so we need to make the choice to replace those negative reactions with positive images of success. Determining to focus on the positive things that make our life worth living will help us see ourselves in a different light and improve our self esteem.

3. Make a list of strengths and positive qualities.

Although it may be difficult for those suffering from low self esteem, it is necessary to take some time to sit down and list those things we like about ourselves, or qualities others have mentioned they appreciate about us. We all have certain strengths, abilities, and talents, and it is important that we discover what they are and reinforce them in our lives by reminding ourselves regularly of these positive traits.

Once we know what our talents and unique skills are, we can create ways to use them to make a positive impact on the world around us. What better way to improve self esteem than to use such things as our sense of humor, our listening ear, our love for baking, or our passion for sports to help and encourage others.

4. Make a list of goals.

Those suffering from low self esteem often shy away from challenges and are reluctant to pursue their dreams. An important step to improving our self esteem is to make a list of goals we want to accomplish and things about ourselves that we would like to change.

While it is important that we accept ourselves for who we are and where we are at any point in time, it is equally valuable to have a purpose to pursue. To begin, acknowledge the small steps you take toward your goals to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

And celebrate success! We must make a point of rewarding ourselves and take the time to realize how far we’ve come on our journey to improved self esteem.

Joan Breiner, M.Ed. and Susyn Reeve, M.Ed. are the owners and creators of and have over 35 years of experience as self development and training professionals. They offer online guidance and support and share numerous ways to improve self esteem and build confidence.

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Building self-esteem helps kids cope with, and learn from, disappointment, failure, rejection. From The Care or Repair of Children’s Self-Esteem.

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