3 Tips For Motivating Weight Loss When You Only Have 10 Pounds to Lose

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3 Tips For Motivating Weight Loss When You Only Have 10 Pounds to Lose

If you are at the stage where you only have 10 pounds to lose you understand that the motivation for weight loss changes. The challenge can be that you are already at an acceptable weight and so it can be hard to motivate yourself for that last push. This article shows you how to get over that final hurdle and lose that last 10 pounds.

I will warn you, this will not be easy but these 3 tips will work if you apply them.

1. Do it fast. You will want to make drastic changes in your eating and exercise routine in order to drop these last 10 pounds. This works for many reasons but mainly you will notice that making drastic changes produce rapid results and that automatically gives you the motivation to keep going. If you try to do it slow and stretch it out over a long period of time you will find it too easy to settle back into your old routine and therefore take one step forward and one step back.

2. Cheat. Yes, you read that right. A common problem with people who only have 10 pounds to lose is that their body has adapted to eating a low amount of calories. By taking one day periodically and purposely overeating you stimulate your metabolism and boost your fat burning potential through the roof. You will notice a water weight gain the next day or two but after that your weight will start to drop steadily because your metabolism is humming along and that brings all the motivation you need.

3. Build your desire. As I said at the beginning when you are near your goal it can be hard to motivate yourself because you are already at an acceptable weight, therefore you must be crystal clear on why you want this last 10 pounds off. Sit down and write a list of reasons this is important to you, from that list you will generate the motivation you want.

Use these 3 tips for motivating weight loss when you are near your goal and only have 10 pounds to lose. Don’t focus on the day-to-day effort but instead focus on the reward waiting for you.

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