24 New Life-Changing Words from Anyaele Sam Chiyson, the Shakespeare of our days!

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24 New Life-Changing Words from Anyaele Sam Chiyson, the Shakespeare of our days!

AEMUCHI (n): The masterpiece of a mastermind.


ANALYTICAL SOPHISTICATION (n): The process of manifesting the knowledge, know-how and acquaintance, dynamic explanation and estimation of attention, interchange of cogitation through mental and intellectual networks, intuition and brainpower, and the exercise of one’s powers of logical reasoning as strategies that set one on one’s way of cerebration and execution needed for success in a particular intelligence.
ANSACH (vb): To enable someone live a meaningful life out of what you possess in this day and age.


ANYAELEO (adj): Having very large amount of money.


ASCHIY (n): A Greater Grace for Greatness.


AUTOAPPRECIATION (n): The Process of increasing conviction through focusing of the mind on set goals, establishing conception and sensitive cerebration that is addressed and improved closely to the detailed attention of gaining one’s end.


BILLIONAIREPRESTIGE (n): The professional prominence, the prerogative of governing exerted over the minds of others and state of great importance of the very rich.


BOTHND (adj): A state of being all right.


CHIYSON (n): A Great man or Super Star.
CHIYSONNENCE (n): The action of a great man that is full of excellence and integrity.


HIKAWORTHY (adj): Having what it takes to be on top of things.


IAM (n): A person of prominence.


INTELLIGENCE MEETING (n): An occasion whereby people of like-brains come together to reason beyond conventional mentality and perspicacity, to identify the sagacity needed to achieve a particular goal or hit upon a solution on a complex situation.


IZBEAO (n): One who is dearly beloved.


LEELON (n): A person who makes life worth-living and beautiful.


LOPRIR (vb): To make the best of knowledge.


NOTENOVELTY (n): A great achievement that is the very best of its kind.


RICHIYSON (n): The Richest and Strongest Man in the world.


RICHIYSONY (n): The odyssey of The Richest and Strongest Man in the world.


SAMUELTON (n): The state of living a healthy, happy and totally-fulfilled life.


SUPERIOR PROFESSIONAL INTELLIGENCE (n): A form of intelligence – meaningful, acceptable, productive set of thoughtful inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability and skills applied in the information and knowledge-worker world.


TESEDI (n): A state of studying principles relating to corporate and professional branding.


VETOMION (n): The power to reject habitual doubting attitude.


YAMUIY (vb): To encourage someone bring out the best in other people.


Copyright © Anyaele Sam Chiyson

Chiyson is Author: The Sagacity of Sage. Get your copy at Chiyson is a poet, motivational/Inspirational/Financial Speaker and Teacher who set his gaze lucidly and his wit sharply to issues that affects the economical, social and spiritual development of individuals; enabling them live a beautiful life in this wonderful world. Learn more on how to get rich and wise now at: – using the world’s most proven purposes and principles perfected throughout time.

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